September 8th, 1966

Happy Birthday, Star Trek

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Star Trek Into Darkness Gag Reel Preview (x)

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"What an interesting pizza cutter"




I’ve been making vintage/WWII era-inspired Star Trek posters (in which I abuse textures) because those are two of my favorite things

I’ll probably end up making more

Is there a place I can buy these as prints?!

Man I love Star Trek

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When Roddenberry first proposed Star Trek to the network, he sent over a sixteen-page memo entitled “Star Trek Is…” that explained what the core concept for the series was while offering up story possibilities. It’s obvious how talented Roddenberry was as a salesman: he makes the now-famous parallel to Wagon Train and outlines how he can make a smart show that manages to be budget-conscious at the same time with the “Parallel Worlds” concept. We’d see the latter appear in the series as Hodgkin’s Law of Parallel Planetary Development, which gave them the opportunity to use existing sets and costumes.

It’s interesting to look at now and see how various ideas mutated and combined to become episodes of The Original Series and The Next Generation that we now know and love. “The Next Cage,” obviously, becomes “The Cage” and “The Day Charlie Became God” would later air as “Charlie X.” In David Gerrold’s The World Of Star Trek, he writes that there was a sincere attempt to make “Kongo” into a full-fledged episode with a script having seen multiple drafts but that, perhaps thankfully, never happened. DeForest Kelley was very keen on that idea, as he wanted an episode that would center around his character’s working relationship (and friendship) with Uhura.

(The Drake equation, for the record, is real. Roddenberry didn’t have a copy of the original equation at the time of the presentation, so he made up his own version to use. When he visited the set, Dr. Frank Drake pointed out that a value raised to the first power is just the value itself.)

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Lower shields.

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Red Alert for TWELVE HOURS


Nothing will ever convince me that these two don’t roleplay as much as they possibly can. They seem like they’d be suuuper into that kind of thing.

This rocks.


Nothing will ever convince me that these two don’t roleplay as much as they possibly can. They seem like they’d be suuuper into that kind of thing.

This rocks.

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sure star trek: tos can seem pretty hokey when you watch it today but consider this

all those special effects were done without computers

and communicators were essentially flip cell phones. they came up with the idea long before cell phones were invented

PADDs were literally tablets. and the talking computer voice? uh-huh, that’d be siri

it’s freaking incredible. did star trek predict the future of technology or did it influence the future of technology?

answer: yes

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I made cookies #foodie #StarTrek #hellyeah


I made cookies #foodie #StarTrek #hellyeah

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Anonymous said: so i wanna start watching star trek but i don't know where to start? could you tell where to start? do you have any links? thanks

I would personally start with The Next Generation. If you want to watch a few really good episodes before diving in to completing a series, you can do a quick search and see which ones are considered the greats.  Deep Space Nine is also a great series to start with. 

But I’m just one person on the internet.

Hey awesome people out there! Any suggestions for Anon? 


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